Choosing the best LA accomodation

As many Australians are increasingly making the pilgrimage to the United States it is highly likely that you will inevitably have a stop over in Los Angeles. LA is one of those idolised cities that have been incredibly glorified due to reality television, but compared to other cities, as a tourist visiting, there is enough to offer that a few days stop over is more than sufficient.

A transitional city for many visitors, LA if so far-flung that you must allow a very large time frame to get from one place to another, even if it is seemingly close. Due to its sprawl and high population, the traffic will hold you up at all times of the day. A very handy tip to remember if you are on a tight schedule or have a plane to catch. Many flights have been missed due to the underestimation of the relative time it will take to get to the airport. That being said, before you plan your accommodation you will be better off having a good understanding of exactly what it is that you want out of LA. I stayed in Downtown Los Angeles when I first arrived, it was a nights accommodation and the meeting point before I departed on my Contiki Tour. Our Tour guide warned us not to go out alone, and especially not at night and I felt incredibly unsafe walking the streets, even during the day. A policeman was stationed on almost every corner and more spread out sporadicaly in between, vigilant for anti-social activity. If you like to live life on the edge (and also want to save a couple of bucks), then downtown LA is for you.

Alternatively, I stayed in Santa Monica on my second visit and found it very peaceful and central in regards to location. My stay at the Wyndham Santa Monica Pier was exceptional and I couldn’t ask for a better location. It is directly across from the iconic Santa Monica Pier and the equally iconic, Third Street Promenade. The city of sunshine, LA is just as famous for its open shopping malls and Third street promenade will satisfy the shopper in everyone. To me, Santa Monica ticked all the boxes. It was clean, quiet, safe and central.

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If you are after luxury, and want to follow in the footsteps of the stars then Chateau Marmont should be high on your list. Built in 1927, Chateau Marmont is a historical landmark to say the least. If you are hoping to spot a star in LA then this hotel gives you a very good chance, often being the hotel of choice for America’s finest.