Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2016

The 18th year of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival was the best one yet.

One Fell Swoop on Friday had ethereal beginnings with ghostly white mannequins darted along the runway, setting the stage for what would be a empyreal show. The masters of drapery have fantastic vision and these elements were displayed in every detail, even the haunting music that accompanied it. The show began with all models entering onto the runway, then ever so slowly they each walked displaying masterpieces each better than the other. The show was dominated by colours perfect for layering. Lot’s of nudes and ice blue tones, block colours such as red and green and patterns that had splashes of colour.

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Saturday was the future of fashion, as seen in the New Generation runway show. Perfectly on trend Remi Lane showcased a 70’s inspired look followed by Elle Campbell with her 80’s attributed hand-painted works of art. The designer that blew me away though was Rosemaree White. Combining the aesthetic of dark bold lines contrasted against soft, delicate fabrics and intricate beading. Her collection can be best described as feminine, yet seductive.

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The Art Gallery of Western Australia held the last two shows, Flannel and the Closing, as an intricate and intimate runway. Models walked the first level gallery and made their way carefully down the spiral staircase following a gold runway, then through the crowd passing everyone. This gave a much more artistically profound setting. Flannel presented a very wearable collection. A collection I could see myself wearing and I made countless mental notes of items to purchase. A collection for the everyday woman. Versatile, comfortable and feminine.

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The Closing show was breathtaking, to say the least. Every element had exceptional attention to detail. The same runway was used as the earlier show, Flannel, except with the added detail of an orchestra and 2 very talented opera singers. Displaying the best pieces and designers from the week every detail such as headpieces, make up and accessories (combined with the setting and music) made for a show that was very moving and incredibly remarkable. Featuring the best of Elle Campbell, Rosemaree White, Morrison, Monsters Alphabet and Empire Rose it was truly a very magical show and a perfect way to close the end of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

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Enjoy x


Luxe Lumière candles

Candles are one of those perfect things. They make great gifts and, fabulous home wares and make your house smell amazing! What’s not to love about candles? I love them, and always have a few burning when I am home for a few hours. There’s nothing I love more than having a house smell spectacular, and even better yet, have people comment about my beautiful smelling home.



Luxe Lumière has a delightfully tempting range and a collection to boot. Whether you want to be naughty or nice will determine not only the scents but the colour of the canister your candles comes in. Because I am an all-round nice girl , with a hint of a wild side (adventure/thrill seeker over here) I chose Allure from their Rose Gold Collection. An indulgent and enchanting seduction of coconut, mango and caramel. With notes of grapefruit and bergamot this candle has become my new obsession!


Tips for getting the most out of your candle:

  1. Trim your wick to about ¼ of an inch before lighting for the first time. This will give you a nice and clean burn.
  2. Set the wick memory by burning all the way to the outer edge for the first time. This will ensure an even burn and get you value for your money. As tempting as it is to get your candle lit as soon as you get home, it is best to do this when you will be home for a few hours.
  3. Don’t burn for longer than 3-4 hours. Not only is it not safe but your wick will form a mushroom and leave soot inside your candle.
  4. If you got a little too excited and light your candle initially for a short period of time then a tunnel will form. Cut out the wax that is above level of the wick with a butter knife and use this wax in an oil burner with a tea light underneath (home made soy wax melts anyone!)


NB: This post is supported by Shopping Links and Lumière Luxe.

Tips for building your first home

As some of you know my husband and I just built our first home, I am officially an adult! Owning your home is a great feeling, but having something that you created, putting your heart and soul into is an even greater feeling. It’s a long and stressful process, but is it worth it? It can be! If you choose the right builder it most certainly can be, and it most definitely was for us. I have been asked by a lot of people for tips when it comes to either choosing a builder or just the process in general. So here goes, it’s a long one!

Photo 23-02-2016, 16 22 31

Photo 11-02-2016, 16 15 19

Do your research

The first thing I would suggest is going to the Display Village in the area you want to build (no need to go to any others just yet). The one where you are building will give you a good feel of the area and any style guidelines that might apply. From there you can narrow down the top builders within your price range. Curiosity will pay off here so ask all and every question you can think of to the Sales Consultants. From there go home and do extensive research. Speak to anyone and everyone you know who has built. I am a big fan of pros and cons lists so it wouldn’t hurt to have some of these going too. I used which I found incredibly helpful in deciding to go with Celebration Homes. You may have narrowed down your list again, to which I suggest taking someone you trust, who is very handy, to go back and inspect the Display Home for that particular builder again with you. This is the point of the build where you need to be 100% clear about what exactly is included before you commit.

Mortgage stress

Mortgage stress is not something anyone needs on top of regular day-to-day stress so when it comes to applying for loans; taking in to account the cost of land, the building cost, fees, mortgage insurance and any extras you may add onto the build process, it is ideal for your repayments to be 30% or less than your income. Anything over and you run the risk of getting mortgage stress.

Get an offset

Most will be renting while they build and have absolutely nothing spare to save but I encourage you to open an offset account alongside you mortgage account. The interest you earn on your offset comes off the interest you earn on your loan. I don’t fully understand it but the more money you have in your offset the less you will re pay. Ask your financial advisor to explain this more.

Check everything twice and get organised!

Once you decide which company you are going to build with then you will receive your contracts and various paperwork. Again ask questions and check everything twice. This is not the time to be disorganised. Get yourself a folder to keep all house related documents together, do the same on your computer. It is up to you to stay on top of paperwork, payments and to pick up any mistakes. Some builders don’t allow any changes during the construction process so it is really important that you check your plans and contracts carefully. Even though I looked at ours religiously and frequently, things were still missed.

Take photos

When you are picking out colours and products take photos of everything you choose. For us it was a whole year between selecting everything and the house being completed that we pretty much forgot everything that was chosen. It is really hard to choose when the samples are really small which makes it hard to visualise what it would look like in a large space, so we went to every Display Home in the Perth Metro Area that builder had. For example, we visited every single Celebration Homes Display Home in Perth. We took notes of styles and names of products that we liked. We also took photos so we could emulate that same look in our home. Leading up to our selection appointment we spent a lot of time in the Celebration Homes Showroom, this can be the most overwhelming part. Preparation leading up to your colour selection can pay off; you reduce the chance of being heavily disappointed with the final product.

Photo 13-04-2015, 12 49 54

Photo 12-02-2015, 14 18 25


While you are building if you can stay with family for free, or cheap, it would be ideal. Understandably this isn’t an option for everyone. In which case you will need to save like you have never saved before. Sell anything you no longer use or need for some extra cash and cut back on anything you can live without. You will know how this will work for you best but you will be glad you did once the build is over as there are a large amount of incidental things that you either didn’t think about or assumed would be provided by the builder. When you are building you will pay for only the interest on the loan, the house isn’t technically yours until you get the keys. You also pay in stages. At settlement you pay for the land price. Then there a 6 stages in which you will be requested to make payment for, thus increasing the interest slightly. They are slab down (when they pour the slab for your house), plate high (when all the brick work is complete), roof cover (once the roof is on and finished), internal workings (when plastering etc. is all done), lock up and handover. I cannot stress this to you enough, check the quality of work at the end of each stage before you approve your bank to pay the builder.

Photo 8-12-2015, 16 20 10

Photo 24-08-2015, 13 50 05

Photo 29-10-2015, 17 58 26

Photo 12-11-2015, 16 25 22

Photo 15-01-2016, 18 02 05

Photo 23-02-2016, 18 22 57

Things you may need to organise and pay for yourself can include, but are not limited to:

  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • TV Antennae
  • NBN and internet connection
  • Air Conditioning
  • Painting
  • Window treatments
  • Window tinting
  • Dishwasher and other white goods
  • Skirting boards
  • Crossover

This is dependent on the type of package you receive when you build. We were lucky enough to receive a free fencing and front landscaping package with our land. A requirement of our loan was to include flooring so the cost of that was added to our mortgage.

If you need or want new stuff for your new home, then for white goods and furniture the best advice I can give you is to wait for the Boxing Day sales. I save around $1500 by waiting until then to get all the stuff for the house we needed, including some furniture. If you or anyone you know is handy try and do as much as you can yourself. My family helped us paint over 9 days and we saved about $5000 doing so. The same applies for the paving and rear landscaping, among other things.

Photo 10-02-2016, 15 38 45

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.48.27 pm

Be present

Make contact with your Construction Coordinator regularly, they will be your first and only port of call during the process. At worst you should be visiting the build site every few days and at best, every day. The workmen need to know not only that you care but also that you will pick up any mistakes. Should there be any mistakes then you can catch them earlier, making it a lot easier and faster to fix. Stalk your home it’s an exciting time and it’s great to see it unfold before your eyes.

Contact Tye Harper from Celebration Homes on 0427 449 066 and be sure to mention my name, Katriese Wilder. He will look after you and take very special care planning your home!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.44.26 pm

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.43.50 pm

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 4.45.12 pm

Photo 21-01-2016, 10 11 55

Enjoy and feel free to ask me any question you have at

Shhh Silk

I am a hairdressers dream. I have a lot of hair and it’s quite responsive to whatever is done to it. I rarely put heated tools on my hair, such as curlers or straighteners, I simply wet it and twist until it is dry to get these glorious waves, albeit only for a good day or two. Lately though, for some unknown reason, my hair has started to become unresponsive to my usual routine. The waves are limp and lifeless and the frizz, oh my the frizz! Perhaps it’s the heat and all the swimming in my pool, but whatever the reason my once envious and relatively “manageable” hair had become a nightmare. Until Shhh Silk sent me some silk pillowcases.

I used silk pillowcases almost 10 years ago when I over-foiled and over-straightened my hair. It was excessively blonde, excessively straight, and excessively dead. The silk pillowcase had brought some life back to my hair but the quality of the silk was just not up to scratch. Shhh Silk, on the other hand, where has this product been my whole life?! My hair is soft as if I have walked freshly out of a salon every morning. I style my hair and it remains styled until I wash it again, compared to the good two day turn around I was getting before. It prolonged the need to not only style my hair but wash it as well. The frizz was virtually gone as the silk flattens and smooths as you sleep, amazing to know that something is working to make you look fabulous while you rest. It’s as if the very fibres of each silk strand stitch themselves into your hair over night. Re-forming themselves, it truly feels as if your hair is made of silk. The sleep, oh my the sleep, is it possible to have a brilliant night’s sleep just from having a silk pillowcase? I don’t know, but what I do know is that that night, and every night after when I go to bed armed with my silk pillowcase I wake up refreshed, happier and certainly more well rested. The magical, ancient powers of silk!

If that hasn’t convinced you that you need this product in your life then consider the fact that they take almost no time to dry and you can get them in a limited edition marble print. I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love marble, except my husband, but he has been dealt with accordingly! Do yourself a favour and head to to select one of their beautiful silk pillows, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Bye bye bed head!

Disclaimer: I received a gifted product in order to write this post, my sentiments are genuine and I am not paid to promote this product.

My summer style edit

Why does it seem that everything happens at once. I am building a house, which is near completion and all the bills are starting to rake in. We need window treatments, gates, lawn etc. The list goes on. Then there is Christmas and all the presents that need to be bought, not to mention New Years Eve. In April I am taking my husband to New York as a surprise for his Christmas and Birthday present, more expenses, but definitely worth it!

So given it is the time of year where the temperature heats up and social calendars fill up. I have compiled a list of all my favourite things, that I obviously love but cannot afford!


I missed out on the Gipps Tassel Flats (right) from The Weekend Edit in my size. I wished I grabbed a pair, now I am way too poor to even buy them!

The Jayman heel (left) I own. I purchased them for Coocha Design Boutique. I absolutely LOVE them and live in them! THE shoe of the season. This pair is in the new colour, Latte.


I love lace, what can I say and I absolutely adore the Lucette Dress. It would pair perfectly with the Jayman Heels in Latte.



You simply cannot participate in Summer this year without the MUST HAVE accessory, a pair of Quay Australia sunglasses (these are the Liv Now). These I have also purchased from The Weekend Edit.

Places to buy from:

Enjoy x

Bonjour Perth

There’s something exciting about being a part of something new. Knowing that you were there from the early stages, and have watched it grow; also that this new thing could possibly become a tradition. Which is what led me to Bonjour French Festival, Perth’s inaugural display of all things French.

I grabbed my fellow French loving friend and went ready to eat my body’s weight in French food. As a VIP Passeport holder I was entitled to a plate of quiches and desserts. There was not enough seating in the VIP tent so we ventured outside to take in the entertainment and atmosphere. Luckily we did as we encountered a stunningly beautiful picnic display by Picnics by Design. The team had managed to set up a stylish, yet inviting display, not normally an easy thing to achieve. We settled in, and the hours passed us by as we soaked up the sun and atmosphere. The only thing missing was some French music and it would have felt like we were sitting under the Eiffel tower as we had just two years ago.



Once the sun had gotten a little too much and I regretted wearing black jeans we decided to check out the various stalls and food vans. Me being me, I had room for more food, especially if that was in the form of crepes and/or croissants. I think I have been on a mission my entire life to find THE best almond croissant. I have gained many a kilos searching high and low all over Melbourne, Perth and even Paris itself. I gave up after eating one too many mediocre croissants aux amande. Enter La Gallete de France, for $5 I got possible the biggest almond croissant I had ever seen. It looked delicious, it smelled delicious, it had so much promise…and I took one bite and stopped in my tracks. This was it, the one I had been searching for. This croissant was better than all the almond croissants I had eaten in Paris…COMBINED, and so close to home. There goes those few extra kilos I was wanting to lose! Thanks La Gallete!



Other delights I thoroughly enjoyed were macarons (which came in the cutest box I had ever seen and is currently sitting on my desk at work) and cronuts, you seriously have not lived until you have tried a cronut which is the ingenious blending of a croissant and donut…someone get this person a Nobel Prize!

For a gold coin donation the French Festival was a great day out, and a perfectly reasonable excuse to stuff my face with glorious French food. I cannot wait to see what’s on offer next year.

Pottery Barn must haves: My top 5

I am soon to be a homeowner, yay! I am building a house and it is supposed to be one and a half months into construction but our land is yet to be titled…annoying! So in preparation for my beautiful new house and Pottery Barn opening in Perth very soon (date yet to be released) I have compiled a list of my favourite items.

1. Toscana Bench– $799 – 934, currently on sale $639.20 – $747.20

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.00.09 pm

A versatile bench it will work well anywhere from on the porch, entrance hall or in the bathroom with a vintage wooden tray, candle, some hand soap, jewellery bowl and a towel. It is long enough to seat two – three people at a dinner table or on the alfresco/deck. This bench will literally work absolutely everywhere!

2. Griffin Fixed Dining Table– $2,279

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.05.53 pm

Industrial style furniture is so hot right now and the bonus is the Toscana Bench works with this table perfectly. The black industrial legs ground the table with a more modern take on wood furniture.

3. Burke Console Table– $664.00

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.10.22 pm

Short in width this table makes the perfect entrance hall or kitchen/living room transition drop zone. Combine with some solid woven wooden baskets or the Light Twist and Knot Baskets (see below), with a moroccan vase and some flowers.

4. Chatham Single Chaise– $199 – $804, on sale $118.95 – $481.95

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.22.02 pm

The closest you’re going to get the to Hamptons in your back yard. There’s no more luxurious way to sit poolside.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.44.54 pm

5. Light Twist and Knot Baskets– $49 – $159, on sale $38.95 – $126.95

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 7.46.54 pm

Available in a variety of sizes these beautiful knot baskets are perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, living room or laundry or for storage on the Burke Console Table.


My casual, low cost wedding

We live in an age that is over connected but undeveloped. With a world heavily reliant on social media we can reach far corners of the globe without even leaving our house. We can “connect” with people in the comfort of our pyjamas whilst watching Netflix and bingeing on junk food. On top of that, we are also battling an overpriced world, where the cost of living is higher than ever, and many are living beyond their means. Not to mention all wedding related quotes are inflated by a ridiculous amount. So how on earth do you hold a cost effective wedding that remains intimate to the people that matter, the bride and groom?

Leading up to my wedding last year I read an article about the rise of Bridechillas, the opposite to Bridezillas they are so laissez-faire about their wedding that they were just as infuriating to the Maid of Honour. I was most certainly a Bridechilla, but fortunately I had no Maid of Honour. In fact, we had no wedding party at all. The original plan was to get married at the Perth Registry Office with our 2 witnesses. That was all, just the 4 of us, we didn’t make a formal announcement, send out invites or officially make an event in which people were invited. It was a word of mouth conversation (in fact I sent out reminder texts with the address the day before), which had the air of “if you want to come, great, just let me know. If not, we won’t miss you”. You may be thinking “How horrible, what about all the people that want to celebrate in your special day, and your great-great- auntie who you never speak to and probably never will after the event, aren’t they invited?” To which I respond…YES! Of course, if anyone wanted to make the effort and join in OUR special day we certainly did not stop them, but by doing it this way we ensured genuine participation and delight in our matrimony, kept the cost down extremely low and avoided false pretences that would have marred our special day.

My husband and I are an introverted couple, we value the time we have with each other, as sometimes it is rare. I work long hours and he does shift work so sometimes we won’t see each other for days. With that in mind we made the decision from the get go that we would have a very low-key, casual wedding where we would spend very minimally in order to have a more luxurious honeymoon, which was a week in the Maldives. For us, what was more important was the marriage and not the party that ignites it.

This is a very rough run down of our spending for the wedding. We never had a formal budget per se but didn’t want to spend more than $5000 for a party of 19.

Venue- $350: We got married in the Perth Registry Office and this cost was actually just the application/license fee.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.52.21 am

Photography location- $0: The original plan was the get our photos taken at Kings Park but there was an outrageous fee just to take photos so we opted for the equally, if not more, beautiful Queens Gardens instead.

Photographer- c. $800: Lux photography charged me for an event, due to small amount of people.

Dress- $150: I hired the $800 Manning Cartell Gallery Views Sheath dress from Share My Closet. This cost included dry cleaning.

Shoes- $1000: I bought a pair a Valentino Rockstuds for $950, including shipping, from Farfetch, they were shipped from France. I paid $50 to get a topy sole put on by a shoemaker for longevity.


Bouquet- $150: I was adamant that I wanted a peonies bouquet; I was lucky that they were in season. Bouquet was made by Clare the Flower Girl.


Hair- $350: I trust no one but Maurice Meade to colour and style my hair for events, they did not let me down.

Make up- $100: Chelsea Moxham from Chrysalis Beauty Clinic is a genius behind the make up brush.

Facial $100: Again Chrysalis Beauty Clinic, they assess you skin on the day and work accordingly for beautiful, glowing skin.

Fake tan $30: Organic Tans use an airbrush to give a more natural glow.

Nails- $35: Fake Bake Hair and Beauty always give a satisfying shellac manicure.

Dinner/Reception- $1950: Blackbird Restaurant in East Perth. With 19 guests this equated to roughly $100 a head with free flowing alcohol all night, and glorious tasting food. This was the only restaurant that would alter a menu for me, catering to vegetarians.

Grooms suit- $170: This is an estimate as the suit jacket was tailor made for him in Europe when he went to visit his family, the chino’s were roughly £5 from Primark, tie $30 from Tarocash, and shirt $15 from Target. Did I mention we had a budget wedding!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.53.34 am

Wedding night accommodation- $250. We regretfully stayed at the Crown Perth on the first weekend after our wedding. We got married on a Wednesday and had interstate and overseas guests. I also was not allowed time off work for my wedding so we were waiting for the weekend for this which is why we paid a bit more.

All other items of clothing/accessories were things that we already owned prior to the Wedding, in fact my Samantha Wills earings and Chanel le boy bag had been owned for a while.

TOTAL: $5,435.

Getting married is the greatest thing in the world, knowing you have a partner for life who is there to support you, love you and help you grow is a fantastic feeling. The day is about the bride and groom, and no one should be made to feel guilty if said bride and groom don’t invite you, serve food you don’t like, play music you think is tacky, or choose a bridesmaid dress that clashes with your skin tone. It is for some, and it certainly was for me, the only time where they can be selfless, where everything is about them. As a Teacher my job (read life) is all about giving absolutely everyone what they want and need, often sacrificing a lot of my time, energy and money by doing so. So I made damn well sure that this day, this one very special day, was all about me, well us!

Whatever happened to solidarity sisters?

Recently the ever-beautiful Rebecca Judd posted a bikini shot on the social media forum, Instagram. It shocked me not for the fact that she was wearing a bikini in what is meant to be winter (thanks Global Warming), it wasn’t even the amazing body the photo was portraying, especially being a working mum of 2. Rebecca has always been slim and super fit and how she finds the time to work, raise a family and rock an awesome body is beyond me. I guess in this instance money has certainly helped. Money aside, the beautiful body in front of me wasn’t what shocked me. It was the body shaming!

At what point did women turn against each other? During the feminist movement we bound together over equal rights, during war times we bound together to mourn our brothers and sons. Now we have a lot of the recognition our ancestors fought for we have nothing to bind us, so we fight each other. Although we have the ability to work, vote and many other fantastic opportunities, we have a long way to go in regards to equal pay. We are working like men and living like women. We bust our metaphorical balls at work only to come home and bust them again to get the household cleaned and fed.

As a Teacher and potential future mother it scares me that our kids have constant access to such negativity. How can we be expected to teach them to be kind if adults don’t lead by example? Where is the zero tolerance bullying campaign for the Internet? Too often are we bullied at work by competitive and unsupportive women, too often are we bullied on social media for the way we look by unhappy individuals, too often are we judged for the way we choose to raise our kids. It needs to be spoken about and better yet. It needs to stop!