Bonjour Perth

There’s something exciting about being a part of something new. Knowing that you were there from the early stages, and have watched it grow; also that this new thing could possibly become a tradition. Which is what led me to Bonjour French Festival, Perth’s inaugural display of all things French.

I grabbed my fellow French loving friend and went ready to eat my body’s weight in French food. As a VIP Passeport holder I was entitled to a plate of quiches and desserts. There was not enough seating in the VIP tent so we ventured outside to take in the entertainment and atmosphere. Luckily we did as we encountered a stunningly beautiful picnic display by Picnics by Design. The team had managed to set up a stylish, yet inviting display, not normally an easy thing to achieve. We settled in, and the hours passed us by as we soaked up the sun and atmosphere. The only thing missing was some French music and it would have felt like we were sitting under the Eiffel tower as we had just two years ago.



Once the sun had gotten a little too much and I regretted wearing black jeans we decided to check out the various stalls and food vans. Me being me, I had room for more food, especially if that was in the form of crepes and/or croissants. I think I have been on a mission my entire life to find THE best almond croissant. I have gained many a kilos searching high and low all over Melbourne, Perth and even Paris itself. I gave up after eating one too many mediocre croissants aux amande. Enter La Gallete de France, for $5 I got possible the biggest almond croissant I had ever seen. It looked delicious, it smelled delicious, it had so much promise…and I took one bite and stopped in my tracks. This was it, the one I had been searching for. This croissant was better than all the almond croissants I had eaten in Paris…COMBINED, and so close to home. There goes those few extra kilos I was wanting to lose! Thanks La Gallete!



Other delights I thoroughly enjoyed were macarons (which came in the cutest box I had ever seen and is currently sitting on my desk at work) and cronuts, you seriously have not lived until you have tried a cronut which is the ingenious blending of a croissant and donut…someone get this person a Nobel Prize!

For a gold coin donation the French Festival was a great day out, and a perfectly reasonable excuse to stuff my face with glorious French food. I cannot wait to see what’s on offer next year.

The importance of April 25th

There are a number of things we associate with the word 100. Every Australia Day, we gather together to listen to Triple J’s Hottest 100. But on April 25th, we will gather for a much more important reason, to acknowledge the sacrifice that brave young men made 100 years ago.  They were nervous and unsure of what really lay ahead. Most of them had rushed to enlist, optimistic that they would undergo a journey that would forge life long bonds. Patriotic for their land and protective of their loved ones, they didn’t think twice before giving their youth to the Australian Army. It soon became apparent that this was not the adventure that it was thought to be. Manhood was thrust upon them; barely able to grow a beard they were armed, trained and shipped off to Gallipoli. Many had left loved ones behind, never to be seen again.

They yearned to be back home, in the comfort of their beds. They prayed that they would make it through this life-shattering event so they too could start a family of their own. To make a generation proud of the sacrifices made for their freedom.  They hoped to be back in school, in the safety of the classroom, they longed to be back on the Cricket pitch leading their team to glory. They wished and they prayed to be anywhere but ANZAC cove.

Families would be torn apart, hearts would be broken, loved ones to be left waiting, wondering, yearning. Those that survived were never the same, they left home with one brother, and returned home with many. A friendship that would bind for the rest of their lives, sacrifices made for the good of the country, a legend created for the rest of time.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.