Pullman Legian

Like most West Australians I have made countless trips to Bali. Each time a new hotel and new experience. Unlike any other trip, this was one with the number one priority of luxury and relaxation. Staying at the Pullman Legian was a no brainer.

We arrived to a grand foyer of absolute luxury. A shiny marble floor, large wicker lounges which were occupied by waiting guests and an open space overlooking a tropical garden being set up for the evening meal. Almost every night of the week there is a theme night offered to the guests on the lawn which is between the kids pool and the day spa, enveloped by the towering hotel rooms which make you feel as though you are in your own private oasis. That night, it was the seafood buffet; followed by a BBQ buffet; then a kids movie night on the lawn with giant beanbags and popcorn, and finally an Italian buffet. The event I have been preparing for my whole life.


The hotel is quite large so it can be quite difficult to remember your room number but no matter where you are located there is a wonderful view. Ours overlooked a small garden with giant palm trees and hammocks, I mentally reserved which one I would be spending my time in. What I loved most about the hotel is all the secret and wonderful spots to relax with a book, some music or anything else you desired. One such other place was the rooftop pool. Set directly above the reception, towering over the resort was the infinity pool. The ocean to the left and mountains to the right, complete with a bar and sun loungers the resort became a place you didn’t want to leave.


The welcoming atmosphere of the staff, hotel and facilities (did I mention that there is a small mini mart within the resort?) makes it accommodating to families, couples, singles and devout bookworms like myself.


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