Roman food safari!

It has been a lifelong dream to walk the streets of Italy and eat my body weight in Italian delights. After 28 long years of waiting it finally came true, and boy did Rome deliver! I had heard many stories of how Rome was overpriced (we actually found Rome to be incredibly cheap) and the food less than average, but we did not find this to be true. If the food is less than average in Rome I don’t think my taste buds will be able to handle what is considered good food in Italy. Every single meal, except one, was perfection! The secret…get off the main streets, don’t be afraid of going down a little side street or alley way. Anything on the main streets, and especially those near tourist attractions will be overpriced and below average. Don’t waste your time.

You will want to walk everywhere in Rome, not because you will eat so much (trust me you will!) but because it is so beautiful! So don’t be afraid to wander. You will discover some beautiful architecture and some amazing food while you are at it. We preferred to eat on the go throughout the day and sharing our food meant that we could try twice as much. Rome, although not the birthplace of pizza, has an abundance of little pizza shops where you can buy by the slice or indulge in some arancini on the go. This laneway, near the Pantheon, satisfied our taste buds greatly.


We stumbled across a family run restaurant on our way back from Castel Saint Angelo- Fattoincasa (or Fatto in Casa to help you remember) on Via del Governo Vecchio . The owners greeted us and all their patrons like family, it was full of Italians (always a plus) and the owners were so helpful and carefree about the odd broken glass and didn’t seem to mind that we wanted to sit there for hours (it was just so cold outside!). After we asked for the bill we were served Limoncello and were sent out the door with chocolate in hand. We had such a positive experience that by the end of the night we felt like family too and went back several times over our stay. The food was to die for with big serving sizes too.

Be adventurous, you won’t be disappointed. Trust me. Just don’t forget to leave room for Gelato though!


Enjoy x



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