Amsterdam, I love you!

Amsterdam is my favourite city. There I said it. I wish I could say it was hard to admit as I have such a deep, profound love for New York and Paris; but it’s not hard to say at all. The city is profoundly beautiful and has an engrained sense of ease with the flow of traffic and friendliness of it’s people. As a native English speaker, I found it very easy to communicate with absolutely anyone and everyone. Need directions? No problem, just ask. Need something specific with your food, just ask.






As the Dutch founded New York City (then known as New Amsterdam) the similarities to the equally  beautiful city is uncanny. Amsterdam is similar to New York in architecture and aesthetics, except Amsterdam is cleaner, friendlier, smaller (thus making it easier to navigate) and less crowded. To say this city is picturesque doesn’t do it justice. It’s a city, just like Paris, that you will very happily explore and “get lost” in for hours. Every bridge is better and more scenic than the last. Every street offers more charm and character than the last. 






Environmental laws in regards to plastic bags and the cost of cars makes Amsterdam not only a clean city but an incredibly easy to navigate and charismatic one. There are as many bicycles as there are people and they certainly have become synonymous with all that Amsterdam is, among other things of course. 








A special mention to the hotel we stayed at, Hotel De Hallen. I cannot recommend it enough. Using a 100 year old tram depot building they couldn’t change much so worked around the history of the structure. The result is a modernised retro building which blends together eclectic furniture and sculptures which adds character that no other hotel can offer. Incredibly helpful staff will assist you with anything you need, along with a tram stop only a short walk away as well as a bus which you can take to the airport. There is also a great breakfast place for coffee on the go, called The Breakfast Club. Walk out the hotel doors and head to the left. You can’t miss it.


File 21-12-16, 16 59 22.jpeg




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