New York Itinerary- Day 11 and 12

Day 11 saw us hiring a bike through our hotel (about $5 each for the day) and exploring as much as we could by 6pm. We started early from Central Park and covered a lot of ground. We headed West through Central Park and then south down through Chelsea, Greenwich Village and SoHo, making lot’s of stops along the way to admire beautiful architecture, doorways and blossoming streets. Then we cut straight across to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge, offering an alternate view to the one we got earlier, although nowhere near as good- it was much less crowded. This allowed us to ride south towards Brooklyn Bridge along the East River.







Being a Sunday, the Flea Markets were on again and you can bet your bottom dollar that we ate another doughnut. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. I would travel back to New York in a heartbeat just to eat another one. After some time spent at the markets we were back on the bikes and over the Brooklyn Bridge heading back to Manhattan. We went north through the East Village and cut through towards the Hudson River as there is a dedicated bike/pedestrian path that runs along it. Here we headed north enjoying the many New Yorkers out relishing the sunshine and and making use of the copious park lands along the river.


A quick cut through the Upper West side had us returning the bikes by 5pm. It meant that we could explore and admire the beauty of the Upper East side on foot before dinner. The magnificence that is the Upper East side is enigmatic. There is something illustrious about those that live there.


Out last day, day 12, was yet another sunny one. We had every intention of jumping back on those bikes again and exploring even more of Manhattan. I love New York because of the architecture, the beauty and history that it entails. It tells a story of a thousand words. I wanted to see more. My legs, on the other hand, wanted a rest. We spent our last day sitting in Central Park enjoying the sunshine and watching the world, and New Yorkers, pass us by; soaking up all that is New York City.





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