New York Itinerary- Day 10

Day 10 of our New York trip included a bucket list item, Coney Island. About an hour’s trip by train and we were at the iconic boardwalk and Luna Park.



There are a number of theme parks situated on the pier. Luna Park operates on a credit system using wristbands. It’s free entry so anyone can wander through and watch the rides but you purchase credit from the ticketing machines which deduct when you walk through the turnstiles.  There were quite a few rides we wanted to go on but we didn’t purchase the right credits so best to look at what rides you want to ride first and then buy the tokens. It was a good day but purchasing the wrong credit package meant we didn’t get the best value for money.



When you depart the train there are a number of food places, including Nathan’s Famous hotdogs and The Wahlburgers Restaurant. Trust me, do not eat before getting on the rides. I went on one that spun and felt nauseous for the rest of the day. Not a good idea.

Although the weather was particularly cold during our visit (average of 5 degrees Celsius) this was quite a warm day.The jetty had seats which allowed us to lie down and soak up the sun before making the long journey back home again.



Enjoy x


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