New York Itinerary- Day 8

If you were to count all the TV shows and Movies filmed, or at least set in New York City, you would certainly lose count. The TV and film industry is solely responsible for pre-conceived ideas about New York City, which are often met or blown out of the water when you arrive. Day 8 saw us spending the morning on a New York TV and movies tour. We chose to do our tour with

Travelling on a comfortable coach, complete with quizzes and games and a myriad of film and TV knowledge. There is lot’s of photo opportunities of famous places such as the Friends apartment building, Ghostbusters Fire House and the famous arches at Washington Square Park. We were lucky enough to see James Spader filming The Blacklist as well.



The afternoon was spent exploring The High Line, a 1.45-mile-long (2.5km) park built on an elevated section of a disused New York Railroad. The park has come leaps and bounds since my last visit in 2012 where it was hardly used and practically empty. Now The High Line is complete with beautiful greenery, including Cherry blossoms, and modern artwork. There are plenty of spaces to stop and either sit or lie down and soak up the atmosphere, and in our case, the sun.












Wrapping around an eclectic assembly of old and new. So much so it is hard to determine whether the railway wraps around the buildings or the buildings around it, melding into one. It ends, as if by coincidence, a few blocks away from Chelsea Markets. It’s not a coincidence as this railway was once used to bring meat into The Meatpacking District. The Chelsea Markets is a great place to grab something to eat. Spend some time exploring this area, it’s stunning and feels, as most places in New York City do, as if it’s in a world of it’s own.




NB: We made several visits to The High Line over our trip.


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