Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2016

The 18th year of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival was the best one yet.

One Fell Swoop on Friday had ethereal beginnings with ghostly white mannequins darted along the runway, setting the stage for what would be a empyreal show. The masters of drapery have fantastic vision and these elements were displayed in every detail, even the haunting music that accompanied it. The show began with all models entering onto the runway, then ever so slowly they each walked displaying masterpieces each better than the other. The show was dominated by colours perfect for layering. Lot’s of nudes and ice blue tones, block colours such as red and green and patterns that had splashes of colour.

Some photos courtesy of

Saturday was the future of fashion, as seen in the New Generation runway show. Perfectly on trend Remi Lane showcased a 70’s inspired look followed by Elle Campbell with her 80’s attributed hand-painted works of art. The designer that blew me away though was Rosemaree White. Combining the aesthetic of dark bold lines contrasted against soft, delicate fabrics and intricate beading. Her collection can be best described as feminine, yet seductive.

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The Art Gallery of Western Australia held the last two shows, Flannel and the Closing, as an intricate and intimate runway. Models walked the first level gallery and made their way carefully down the spiral staircase following a gold runway, then through the crowd passing everyone. This gave a much more artistically profound setting. Flannel presented a very wearable collection. A collection I could see myself wearing and I made countless mental notes of items to purchase. A collection for the everyday woman. Versatile, comfortable and feminine.

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The Closing show was breathtaking, to say the least. Every element had exceptional attention to detail. The same runway was used as the earlier show, Flannel, except with the added detail of an orchestra and 2 very talented opera singers. Displaying the best pieces and designers from the week every detail such as headpieces, make up and accessories (combined with the setting and music) made for a show that was very moving and incredibly remarkable. Featuring the best of Elle Campbell, Rosemaree White, Morrison, Monsters Alphabet and Empire Rose it was truly a very magical show and a perfect way to close the end of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

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Enjoy x



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