New York Itinerary- Day 1

I have a confession to make. I love travelling. The experience of an entirely different world and culture, the sensory overload when you land in a foreign country whether for the first time or numerous time. The ability to get lost somewhere new and become a complete stranger, discovering beautiful locations and people.  However, that is no secret. We all know I love travelling, what I hate doing is flying. Being confined in a small space where it’s impossible to get comfortable (unless you are flying Business), where the meals are few and far between, and even further from tasty. It’s either too hot or too cold and impossible to get a decent sleep, if any at all. I truly despise flying and after 25 hours flying time to New York on a booked out plane, I hate it even more.



I deliberately picked a flight that left at night and arrived mid morning, giving us a full day to explore the city. What I didn’t take into account was how horrible I would feel after the flight. The first leg to Abu Dhabi had a baby screaming the entire flight, the second leg to New York had a very content passenger fast asleep and loudly snoring in front of us. It is safe to say we arrived shattered and in no position to make the most of our day.

Photo 8-04-2016, 05 35 50

Photo 8-04-2016, 01 55 51

Photo 8-04-2016, 01 55 29

Photo 8-04-2016, 01 55 14

I had so many things planned, including dinner in at Malatesta Tratorria, but those plans made with such high hopes fell through. Our hotel, Yotel New York was roughly 3 blocks or so from Times Sqaure so exploring the tourist hub became our priority, and visiting the M&M store of course. Other than a late lunch and an extremely early date with bed nothing much else happened on Day 1, but don’t worry the other 11 days won’t be quite as boring.

Photo 8-04-2016, 01 52 54

Photo 7-04-2016, 20 23 26

Photo 7-04-2016, 19 03 23



Enjoy x


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