Shhh Silk

I am a hairdressers dream. I have a lot of hair and it’s quite responsive to whatever is done to it. I rarely put heated tools on my hair, such as curlers or straighteners, I simply wet it and twist until it is dry to get these glorious waves, albeit only for a good day or two. Lately though, for some unknown reason, my hair has started to become unresponsive to my usual routine. The waves are limp and lifeless and the frizz, oh my the frizz! Perhaps it’s the heat and all the swimming in my pool, but whatever the reason my once envious and relatively “manageable” hair had become a nightmare. Until Shhh Silk sent me some silk pillowcases.

I used silk pillowcases almost 10 years ago when I over-foiled and over-straightened my hair. It was excessively blonde, excessively straight, and excessively dead. The silk pillowcase had brought some life back to my hair but the quality of the silk was just not up to scratch. Shhh Silk, on the other hand, where has this product been my whole life?! My hair is soft as if I have walked freshly out of a salon every morning. I style my hair and it remains styled until I wash it again, compared to the good two day turn around I was getting before. It prolonged the need to not only style my hair but wash it as well. The frizz was virtually gone as the silk flattens and smooths as you sleep, amazing to know that something is working to make you look fabulous while you rest. It’s as if the very fibres of each silk strand stitch themselves into your hair over night. Re-forming themselves, it truly feels as if your hair is made of silk. The sleep, oh my the sleep, is it possible to have a brilliant night’s sleep just from having a silk pillowcase? I don’t know, but what I do know is that that night, and every night after when I go to bed armed with my silk pillowcase I wake up refreshed, happier and certainly more well rested. The magical, ancient powers of silk!

If that hasn’t convinced you that you need this product in your life then consider the fact that they take almost no time to dry and you can get them in a limited edition marble print. I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love marble, except my husband, but he has been dealt with accordingly! Do yourself a favour and head to to select one of their beautiful silk pillows, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Bye bye bed head!

Disclaimer: I received a gifted product in order to write this post, my sentiments are genuine and I am not paid to promote this product.


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