10 rules of Singapore vistors need to know

Singapore can be a daunting place to visit. Knowing they have harsh laws and even harsher penalties can deter potential visitors and although, yes the laws a strict, unless you plan to break any you really have nothing to worry about. Singapore is a beautiful, clean and exceptionally safe city and this is all due to its harsh laws.

1. Don’t litter

The first thing you will notice about Singapore is the swealtering heat, the second is how remarkedly clean not only the streets are, but absolutely everything is. The Singaporean government would like to keep it this way. Anyone caught littering can be fined $1000 for the first conviction and $5000 for repeat offences, as well as community labour. There are plenty of bins situated around the city so no excuses!

2. You need a pescription for Gum

In order to promote #1 and keep those streets squeaky clean it is forbidden to sell or import gum. If one requires gum they must obtain a pescription from a Doctor. Travellers may bring no more than 2 packets into the country but be sure to dispose of properly. Mints are the safest/best option.

3. Flush the toilet

Conservationists that follow the old adage “if its yellow let it mellow” will need to break habit as public toilets undergo random checks by police and if anyone not clearing a public toilet for the next patron will face the same fine as littering.

4. Smoking

Smokers, don’t panic. It is legal to smoke in Singapore, however, many restrictions apply to where. You cannot smoke in an enclosed or undercover areas or any building that has air conditioning. You will see locals standing close the road on the footpath smoking next to bins. Although it is not necessary to be stationary whilst smoking, hug the edge of the path and ENSURE you extinguish and dispose of the butt in the bin or face another heavy fine. Throwing you cigarette butt on the ground comes under a special form of littering

5. Pornography 

Pornography is illegal under morality laws, you won’t find it, even on google.

6. Drinking

Unlike Australia, alcohol is able to be purchased in convenience stores. Last purchase is permitted at 10:30 pm and anytime after that needs to be in a licensed bar.

7. Drugs

Possession or consumption of cannabis can earn you up to 10 years in prison or a $20,000 fine. Importing or exporting results in the death penalty. Best to stay clean.

8. No eating or drinking on the MRT

This includes water, water bottles are permitted on the train system, however, need to be unopened for the duration of the ride. This is not only to keep the train clean but passengers safe from slipping on liquids.

9. Don’t Jaywalk

No matter how much of a hurry you are in, wait. Police covertly monitor crossings and issue $15 fines for first offenders. Singaporeans are strict observors of the ruls and you will notice this more so at the crossings.

10. No PDA’s

“Outrage of Modesty” laws prohibits unwanted touching, violent or sexual, and criminalises homosexuality with a 2 year prison sentence. Best to avoid public displays of affection in general, even for heterosexual couples. Also don’t touch anyone’s head, the head is sacred.

Remember when you are in a foreign country you are subject to follow their laws at all times whether you are aware of or believe in the necessity of them. Capital punishment is widely used, in fact canes can be purchasdd in nearly all grocery stores for 50c. Be a global, smart, respectful traveller and stay safe!


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