My casual, low cost wedding

We live in an age that is over connected but undeveloped. With a world heavily reliant on social media we can reach far corners of the globe without even leaving our house. We can “connect” with people in the comfort of our pyjamas whilst watching Netflix and bingeing on junk food. On top of that, we are also battling an overpriced world, where the cost of living is higher than ever, and many are living beyond their means. Not to mention all wedding related quotes are inflated by a ridiculous amount. So how on earth do you hold a cost effective wedding that remains intimate to the people that matter, the bride and groom?

Leading up to my wedding last year I read an article about the rise of Bridechillas, the opposite to Bridezillas they are so laissez-faire about their wedding that they were just as infuriating to the Maid of Honour. I was most certainly a Bridechilla, but fortunately I had no Maid of Honour. In fact, we had no wedding party at all. The original plan was to get married at the Perth Registry Office with our 2 witnesses. That was all, just the 4 of us, we didn’t make a formal announcement, send out invites or officially make an event in which people were invited. It was a word of mouth conversation (in fact I sent out reminder texts with the address the day before), which had the air of “if you want to come, great, just let me know. If not, we won’t miss you”. You may be thinking “How horrible, what about all the people that want to celebrate in your special day, and your great-great- auntie who you never speak to and probably never will after the event, aren’t they invited?” To which I respond…YES! Of course, if anyone wanted to make the effort and join in OUR special day we certainly did not stop them, but by doing it this way we ensured genuine participation and delight in our matrimony, kept the cost down extremely low and avoided false pretences that would have marred our special day.

My husband and I are an introverted couple, we value the time we have with each other, as sometimes it is rare. I work long hours and he does shift work so sometimes we won’t see each other for days. With that in mind we made the decision from the get go that we would have a very low-key, casual wedding where we would spend very minimally in order to have a more luxurious honeymoon, which was a week in the Maldives. For us, what was more important was the marriage and not the party that ignites it.

This is a very rough run down of our spending for the wedding. We never had a formal budget per se but didn’t want to spend more than $5000 for a party of 19.

Venue- $350: We got married in the Perth Registry Office and this cost was actually just the application/license fee.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.52.21 am

Photography location- $0: The original plan was the get our photos taken at Kings Park but there was an outrageous fee just to take photos so we opted for the equally, if not more, beautiful Queens Gardens instead.

Photographer- c. $800: Lux photography charged me for an event, due to small amount of people.

Dress- $150: I hired the $800 Manning Cartell Gallery Views Sheath dress from Share My Closet. This cost included dry cleaning.

Shoes- $1000: I bought a pair a Valentino Rockstuds for $950, including shipping, from Farfetch, they were shipped from France. I paid $50 to get a topy sole put on by a shoemaker for longevity.


Bouquet- $150: I was adamant that I wanted a peonies bouquet; I was lucky that they were in season. Bouquet was made by Clare the Flower Girl.


Hair- $350: I trust no one but Maurice Meade to colour and style my hair for events, they did not let me down.

Make up- $100: Chelsea Moxham from Chrysalis Beauty Clinic is a genius behind the make up brush.

Facial $100: Again Chrysalis Beauty Clinic, they assess you skin on the day and work accordingly for beautiful, glowing skin.

Fake tan $30: Organic Tans use an airbrush to give a more natural glow.

Nails- $35: Fake Bake Hair and Beauty always give a satisfying shellac manicure.

Dinner/Reception- $1950: Blackbird Restaurant in East Perth. With 19 guests this equated to roughly $100 a head with free flowing alcohol all night, and glorious tasting food. This was the only restaurant that would alter a menu for me, catering to vegetarians.

Grooms suit- $170: This is an estimate as the suit jacket was tailor made for him in Europe when he went to visit his family, the chino’s were roughly £5 from Primark, tie $30 from Tarocash, and shirt $15 from Target. Did I mention we had a budget wedding!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.53.34 am

Wedding night accommodation- $250. We regretfully stayed at the Crown Perth on the first weekend after our wedding. We got married on a Wednesday and had interstate and overseas guests. I also was not allowed time off work for my wedding so we were waiting for the weekend for this which is why we paid a bit more.

All other items of clothing/accessories were things that we already owned prior to the Wedding, in fact my Samantha Wills earings and Chanel le boy bag had been owned for a while.

TOTAL: $5,435.

Getting married is the greatest thing in the world, knowing you have a partner for life who is there to support you, love you and help you grow is a fantastic feeling. The day is about the bride and groom, and no one should be made to feel guilty if said bride and groom don’t invite you, serve food you don’t like, play music you think is tacky, or choose a bridesmaid dress that clashes with your skin tone. It is for some, and it certainly was for me, the only time where they can be selfless, where everything is about them. As a Teacher my job (read life) is all about giving absolutely everyone what they want and need, often sacrificing a lot of my time, energy and money by doing so. So I made damn well sure that this day, this one very special day, was all about me, well us!


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