The Maldives for honeymooners and couples

Whether you are on your honeymoon or just a couple in search of a romantic getaway I am sure that the Maldives is high on your list of places you would like to visit, if not then put it in there dammit because its downright amazing!

As you learnt from my previous post I had the pleasure of staying at Anantara Dhigu for our honeymoon last December. You will also know that Dhigu is a “family friendly” resort island (which we were not aware of when we booked the accommodation). In fact we were not aware that there was another island offering accommodation whatsoever, last time I use a travel agent that’s for sure! The other island was made aware to us on our arrival, we were simply told that we were free to use its facilities, be it the pool, bar, restaurants and the like. It wasn’t until we started a conversation with another couple also on their honeymoon that we found out that Veli is a couples only resort island,       that’s right my friends…NO KIDS! Just you, your loved one and the sweet sound of peace. I was somewhat outraged at the discovery of this piece of information, how could my travel agent who knew it was our honeymoon fail to inform us of an island MADE for honeymooners/couples. Also there was quite a large bunch of kids roughhousing in the pool, screaming, singing and making all sorts of noise continually for hours without the reprimand from their parents whom were in a very close proximity. Our nice relaxing, peaceful and romantic honeymoon had been extirpated by this family and I was not happy.

Safe to say, we jumped straight on the pontoon that ferries guests between the islands at regular intervals over to Veli to check it out, they also have an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, albeit half the size of Dhigu, and we were told the sunset was a must see, we were not lied to. The bar served the same menu and there was a pool table to learn, play or, in my case, lose on. On offer is a Japanese restaurant which has available a chef to cook and serve your food at your table. You do need to turn up at you scheduled time for this however, because as they say the show does go on. There is also a spectacular Thai restaurant over the ocean, on the jetty between Veli and the private island (there are 4 islands in total) which you can also book out for lunch/dinner for 2.

IMG_6976    IMG_6977


In my readers best interest I thought I better go the extra mile and check out the rooms, that way I could make a truly informed decision about which island is better. Our over the water villa at Dhigu was larger, more luxurious and romantic. The water surrounded us was crystal clear and shallow which made swimming and activities a breeze. The villas at Veli (all of them are over the water) were smaller, lacking in privacy and girt by a lot of coral. Both islands had the option of upgrading to villas that had private pools on the deck, Veli, on the other hand, had select villas where you had a private Butler on hand.



All in all, my above comment about the noise at the pool was merely nothing in the whole scheme of things, we had plenty of places to escape to, our villa being one of them which was quiet, tranquil and remarkable all in one, we also had a number of activities to do on Dhigu also, many of which if you stayed at Veli you would have to boat over to Dhigu to do anyway. My vote is Dhigu, the rooms are much better and everything you need is on that island anyway, plus you have the option to go over to Veli and enjoy their facilities whenever you wish. The opposite is also true should you decide to stay at Veli instead.



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