Las Vegas for entertainment lovers

My life has been pretty tumultuous emotionally lately which is why I must sincerely apologise for the lateness of this post. One of the things that gets me through the rough times are my fond travel memories. Especially the ones I made in Las Vegas. As mentioned previously I was only in Vegas for a short time, 2 nights and one full day, due to the busy tour schedule of the Contiki tour. Albeit, I made sure that I fit a lot in.


The one that stood out to me the most was the Freemont Street Experience. Located in downtown Vegas is was established to draw touristic crowds back into the area. In order to do this, they had to create something to rival “the strip”, in that they were undeniably successful. At the Freemont Street Experience you will find a canopy 90 feet above the ground, decked out with screens and lights to emulate a disco. So what?! you ask, well Freemont Street Experience staff can choose from a Library of 15 shows to play on the screen. I was lucky enough to enjoy one from my favourite iconic band, Queen. Free entertainment while you enjoy a cocktail or beer. If this doesn’t excite then the Freemont Street Experience offers a zip line for thrill seekers, where they can be launched from an enormous slot machine. Foodies can eat at the infamous “Heart Attack Grill”, gamblers have an array of casinos at the fingertips and there are a number of bars and souvenir vendors.

I like to mention the free things available in my travel series and this is no exception. Las Vegas is a myriad of free activities for all, and also convenient and abundant decently priced accommodation. When I stayed in Vegas I stayed at Harrah’s Casino across from Caesar’s Palace Mall. Which as a self-confessed shopping addict is not worth cutting into your travel time to frequent. The average room costing $75 a night (depending on the season) and was one of the best quality hotels I had experienced during my Contiki tour. The buffet breakfast was…well let’s put it this way it was well over 2 years ago and I can still remember what I ate and that it was delicious. That’s got to count for something right? What sold me was the Starbucks in the lobby. We all know how much of a saviour Starbucks is to me whilst travelling.

I mentioned earlier the varying array of hotels which can consume a lot of your exploring time. Stepping inside the various number of themed hotels is a day trip at least and is certainly not something you will regret. The temperature ranges from hot to extremely hot so when you are walking the strip you will want to go inside a hotel just for some air-conditioning and a drink, which I did countless times let me tell you. My favourites are the Venetian Resort, set up exactly like the glorious canals of Venice. You can go on a gondola ride in the man-made canal at the front of the hotel. The Bellagio, made famous by Ocean’s Eleven because they never check if you are actually a guest when using their pool. They also have a pretty amazing lunch buffet for all those seafood lovers out there. And the MGM Grand because as its name suggests it is fabulous and grand. Las Vegas allows drinking of alcohol in the street, maybe because it is so damn hot. So no matter where you are or what you are doing, stop, enjoy the view, and grab yourself a drink!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 8.09.02 pm

I had every intention to write about the one thing I didn’t get time to do in Vegas but heard only good things about, and that was the “Sirens by TI” show at the Treasure Island Hotel. This show was a raunchy pirate show offered for free for onlookers on the street by the Treasure Island Hotel. It saddens me to tell you that the show has been cancelled permanently to make way for more shops. Although I understand it is impossible to do absolutely everything when you travel this exact reason is why you must try to do the most. You never know when you will go back, if ever, and if you do the attraction might not be there anymore!

Happy travels!


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