Las Vegas for thrill seekers

American or not, the one city you associate a good time with is Las Vegas. Some would argue this city is infamous due its underbelly reputation, however, good or bad, there is no mistaking the lure that Las Vegas holds. Surprisingly this urban centre has a lot to offer a variety of travellers. There is something for everyone here; you just need to know where to look. Upon my arrival into the city I was blown away by the sheer size of it. Vegas was much larger than I had first thought. The area encompasses 3522 kilometres, and it sure packs a lot in. The reality is I was in Vegas for 2 nights and 1 day and I am so eager to get back there and discover more of what it has to offer. The city is smack bang in the middle of the desert, so in order to get visitors, and keep them it needs to have a lot to offer them. And boy did Vegas deliver!


As a natural explorer I have always thrown myself into all aspects of my holidays, trying to do as much as I can, so then I can relay the best to you. For fellow adventurers there are a number of thrill rides a top the sky scraping hotels. A few that will certainly make you reassess your goals in life I guarantee it. Stratosphere is home to the best (or in my case the worst due to how petrified I was) thrill rides in the city. Extending 68 feet over the edge of the 1,149-foot Stratosphere tower, Insanity (the ride) spins passengers at up to three Gs. Why on earth I paid to do this is beyond me but hey I did it. Albeit mostly with my eyes closed praying to God, but I can tick it off my list. Stratosphere is home to a few other equally death-defying rides and I have provided a link to the site below should you want to find out more.

Part of what makes Las Vegas so alive and bustling is the themed hotels that engulf the “strip”. One such hotel is New-York, New-York, which does have a roller-coaster ride upon its roof. If you are one of those “I’ll try anything once” type of travellers like myself then by all means give it a go. If you prefer to be frugal or just play it safe, then I would sit this one out. This ride is not so exhilarating as the rest, living in the shadow of its far superior Stratosphere rides. It is also a bit rough. Although please do not avoid this hotel if you decide that you can live without experiencing the ride because a visit inside is breathtaking. In fact I am adamant that you need to spend a decent amount of time in Las Vegas to truly explore all the amazing hotels on shows.

IMG_5737    IMG_4196

For those who like adventure but less thrill then there are a number or day outings that you can take. They will require a full day out of your itinerary due to Las Vegas being situated in the middle of a desert. So don’t forget the snacks. The Death Valley National Park is for history buffs like myself, nature lovers and geology enthusiasts. In fact there are countless numbers of National Parks and Canyons for you to explore. I have provided the link so you can decide which one suits your interests best. For me my all time favourite and must see is the Grand Canyon. There are a number of fly-over/in tours that you can do via helicopter, departing Vegas and all these options I will discuss at a later date so stay tuned.



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