London and good weather Part 3

For Geography lovers, or those that like to make the most of their time travelling, Greenwich Village is luckily a short boat ride away. Here you will find the Greenwich Observatory, home to the Prime Meridian, where else can you stand where time starts….ahhhh nowhere but Greenwich! The link provided below gives you a number of options to get to Greenwich either by train, bus or rail. My suggestion is, if the weather is fine do not take any other transport option other than by boat. The trip down the Thames is largely spectacular, filled with archaic buildings bleeding with history and heritage. Once you arrive, spend the time to explore this quaint, truly underrated village. There are plenty of boutiques and cafés to discover, and you can either return to London by boat again or by train.

Home to the Crown Jewels and the history you travelled half way across the world to see is the Tower of London. There are not many places left in the world where there is a maintained castle in the heart of the city, part of the reason why London is so great! Entry into the Castle can range from £20- £22 (depending if you buy online or at the gate) and there are countless amounts of attractions once inside, not to mention various viewpoints of London’s iconic sights, namely the ever popular Tower Bridge. The most popular attractions inside the Tower of London are Traitor’s Gate (where they bought Traitor’s in from the ships before they tortured and most likely hung them), The Torture Tower, where you can view the various torture methods to gets criminals alike to admit to crimes they did or did not commit, and the Crown Jewels (the most popular and biggest wait time). Whilst you are there don’t forget to get a photo with a Beefeater.


The Tower of London is situated next to the non-coincidentally named Tower Bridge, which is absolutely beautiful and on a fine day makes for a glorious walk over to South London. The north tower holds a museum (and not to mention a spectacular view down the Thames). It is well worth a walk across this Bridge as the southern side of the bridge houses not only the London Eye, but Hay’s Galleria, which allows for a perfect lunch stop. There are numerous places to eat, such as Café Rouge, Côte Brasserie and The Fish Restaurant at Balls Brothers. There is also a water sculpture for big and little kids alike.




Last but not least for my London and good weather series (I will be moving on to what to do if the weather is not so fine next) is something close to my heart. Harry Potter fans around the world travel to London to view a number of HP related sights and involve themselves in various activities. One such activity that I enjoyed doing was a Walking Tour of London by Muggle Tours. A small, privately owned company that hires dedicated, knowledgeable Harry Potter fans who provide a historical and factual tour of places around London that inspired author J.K. Rowling. Muggle Tours is aware that some participants may be dragged along beyond their will and thus provide information of a non-HP matter to provide them with some relief. You will need a valid Oyster Card or Day Ticker for the Tube, as the tour does involve one train ride. If at the very least you are not a HP fan, have faith in the fact that you are provided with an insiders tour of London, and some not-so-commonly known facts about this fascinating city too. A highly recommended tour for any Harry Potter fans, also very good value for money at only at only £12 fir adults and £10 for children.



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