Whatever happened to solidarity sisters?

Recently the ever-beautiful Rebecca Judd posted a bikini shot on the social media forum, Instagram. It shocked me not for the fact that she was wearing a bikini in what is meant to be winter (thanks Global Warming), it wasn’t even the amazing body the photo was portraying, especially being a working mum of 2. Rebecca has always been slim and super fit and how she finds the time to work, raise a family and rock an awesome body is beyond me. I guess in this instance money has certainly helped. Money aside, the beautiful body in front of me wasn’t what shocked me. It was the body shaming!

At what point did women turn against each other? During the feminist movement we bound together over equal rights, during war times we bound together to mourn our brothers and sons. Now we have a lot of the recognition our ancestors fought for we have nothing to bind us, so we fight each other. Although we have the ability to work, vote and many other fantastic opportunities, we have a long way to go in regards to equal pay. We are working like men and living like women. We bust our metaphorical balls at work only to come home and bust them again to get the household cleaned and fed.

As a Teacher and potential future mother it scares me that our kids have constant access to such negativity. How can we be expected to teach them to be kind if adults don’t lead by example? Where is the zero tolerance bullying campaign for the Internet? Too often are we bullied at work by competitive and unsupportive women, too often are we bullied on social media for the way we look by unhappy individuals, too often are we judged for the way we choose to raise our kids. It needs to be spoken about and better yet. It needs to stop!



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