How to make the most of your trip to Paris

Staying in Paris for just over 7 days has allowed me to explore in detail. Not being rushed or pressed for time I find myself discovering more than I could ever imagine. Being able to communicate relatively well with the locals has also helped too. So I am here to give you a somewhat comprehensive guide to Paris.

Let’s start with the obvious, because despite my better judgement I failed to get a non-slip sole put on my boots and had an untimely fall down the very old and very smooth Metro steps. A short visit to the Hospital and a few stitches later my life would have been a whole lot easier if I just got the non-slip sole. So my first tip to you is either watch you step or bring shoes with good grip.

As most tourists do they head straight to the Eiffel Tower, and why wouldn’t you ? It ‘s iconic, it’s breathtaking and it’s probably the main reason you travelled to Paris in the first place. Well before you head to the very, very long wait to the summit (you are looking at a minimum 3 hour wait on average), plan ahead. The website has been provided below for the opening times relevant to your visit. There is also a vast price (and wait) difference between the lift and stair entry. If you want to take your luck that the weather will be good you have the option of pre purchasing your tickets, anything to avoid those queue’s I say. The website to pre-purchase your tickets are also provided below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.20.20 AM  Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.20.52 AM

If you are taking advantage of the European summer and travelling in June, let it be know that the Paririan’s refer to it as “Gloom June” due to its unpredictable and gloomy/overcast feel. So while you are in the area why not take a boat cruise if the weather holds up. Bateaux Parisian is hands down my favourite, I have taken this cruise a number of times and cannot recommend it highly enough. Offering commentary in 8 languages you are provided with an insider’s history of the building that make Paris so great.

Lovers from all around the world make their way to Pont des Arts (or more commonly known as Lovers Lock Bridge) connecting to Musee du Louvre. On the Museum side of the bridge, just at the entrance, you can get a great shot of the Eiffel Tower, on the other, an equally fantastic snap of the Louvre. No matter where you position yourself on the Bridge there are many great photo opportunities. A kind warning though, the ancient Pont des Arts Bridge has undergone some unwilling construction as the weight of the locks forced a part of the Bridge to crumble. There has been some local controversy surrounding the placing of locks on this precious landmark and a request has been made that tourists cease.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.21.27 AM  Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.21.47 AM

That’s all for now, next post will be about my favourite view’s in Paris.




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