Midtown Manhattan Part 1

It is a bit serendipitous that it is raining when I write this as it rained almost every day I chose to do activities in Midtown Manhattan. Again there is an abundance of things to do in Manhattan so this will need to be a multi part post.

It would be a crime not to start with one of Manhattan’s most iconic tourist spots, Central Park. Upon visiting their website it appears as if there is an endless amount of things to do in this gargantuan Central Park. Anything from various sporting activities, to Castles, to Zoos. Central Park has it all. Its size gives the impression that it is a city in its own right, one needing a few days to explore it in depth. My suggestion is to hire a bike from one of the many sales people on the outskirts and explore on two wheels. They will give you a map and you choose how long you want to rent the bike. I found anywhere between 1 to 2 hours was sufficient. The website provided below is incredibly helpful, they provide lot’s of information about attractions, tours and even weddings and proposals.

Image  Image

Bordering Central Park are the noteworthy Museums and Art Galleries that encapsulate what is so great about New York. My favourite is the Met. (Metropolitan Museum of Art). One could spend an entire day exploring the abundant wings of this Museum and still not get to see it all. Grab a map upon entry and prioritise what you want to see, as with most holidays people are pushed for time so don’t waste any. Admission is $25 for adults and $12 for students. However, somewhat free if you have pre purchased a New York Pass  Card.

Image  Image

The New York Pass Card acts like a credit card allowing you entry to up to 80 attractions throughout all of New York City. You can choose between a 1-day and a 7-day pass, all varying prices. It is a great time and money saver as some entry includes Fast Track Entry and for places like the Empire State Building (where you can wait for over 2 hours to get to the top) this is a good investment.

That’s all for now, more next time.






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