I have a European fiancé, and as much as my studies of the French language would really appreciate if he was French, sadly, he is not, he is Czech. Last year I made a maiden voyage to Europe and included in my travels a visit to Prague, including a day trip to Cesky Krumlov. He did not travel with me and I feel like this is one of the reasons why I did not like Prague as much as every other visitor to the city. I feel very alone and confused in my feelings about this city. On one hand when I visit my photo album from the trip I realise that I captured some spectacular shots of Czech rooftops and monuments, a city which is truly very appealing to the eye.

prague 4  prague 5

One of my favourite places was Prague Castle, beautiful in its Gothic hertitage, stain-glassed windows and stunning views of the city below. I am also fond of the view from a top of the Astronimcal Clock Tower. On the other hand I felt incredibly lonely in this city and found the language barrier harder than anywhere else I had been (Czech is an almost impossible language to learn to non-natives).

prague 1   prague 3

Prior to my visit to Prague I had been in Paris and consumed way too many Baguettes and Croissants for a person of my size so I booked myself in for a Bike Tour of Prague through which I cannot recommend enough. I suggest doing this trip very early on as you get shown spectacular views and sites that I never woud have found on my own. The tour guide providing what I am certain was more information and history than required. I have provided a link to the tour through the Viator website. I have also provided a link to website for Cesky Krumlov, providing tours and accommodation, should you feel the need to tick it off your Bucket List.


Happy Travels!


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