Europe by Train or Plane…which is best?

I follow many travel bloggers on Instagram and came across one fan asking whether it was better/cheaper to travel around Europe by Eurial train or to fly. I felt incredibly compelled to respond and help her as this is a very big and often asked question. Whether Eurail or flying is the best option comes down to a number of things.

1) Ultimately budget is the deciding factor, as people with a bigger budget tend to chose to fly as they get maximum time in their destinations. Flying is most direct and time saving but, at times, can cost more.

2) How much actual time you have to spare. My parents prefer to travel by train as they figure they have invested so much time getting to their destination they might as well enjoy all the countryside has to offer, they have an upcoming trip to Europe and spite my best efforts to convince them that it is cheaper to fly to their chosen destinations they remain adamant that they want to enjoy the countryside.

Me, I prefer to fly. It is certainly much quicker and often just as cheap as travelling by train. After spending countless days planning and preparing many holidays (for myself and others) I decided that I am flying’s number one fan,  I just feel much more comfortable on a plane  (which is ironic as flying makes me feel incredibly anxious).

However, sometimes it is not as easy to decide as this.  I have an upcoming trip to Europe this June and I am very limited on time. I have found, mostly, that the cheap flights are at an inconvenient and awkward time. As always is the case.  I have provided a few things which can help you decide which is the best option for you cost and time wise. The Eurail site is extremely helpful, they provided maps, ticket prices, itineraries and resources. Their staff are also helpful, answering any questions or concerns that you should have, in almost any language that you speak.

My favourite website for booking or comparing flights is Skyscanner (also available as an App) as they offer a free comparison of multiple airlines. Even better when it comes time to book they take you to company’s page direct and charge ZERO commission. PERFECT!

It is time consuming, I know! But knowing these two website have saved me countless hours and stressful hair pulls. I hope this helps and Happy Travels!



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